Brewed in Chicago: Play a Game, Make a Beer

Craft Your Beer is a new indiegogo campaign for an online game concept that will crowdsource great beer ideas. So how does it work?

A web page on will take players through a 4 step process:

  • Choose from many different styles of beer to brew
  • Select from common ingredients, optionally add unique flavors
  • Create a unique name for your beer, and choose the label design
  • Promote your beer so it becomes one of the most popular

So how does the your beer get made?

Four times a year, they plan to choose the most popular beer ideas. Breweed on a seasonal basis, they look at the highest rated beer ideas submitted through the game. Ratings are based on votes or “likes” received through our web site at If you don’t live in Chicago, this probably isn’t cool for you. I still like it.

Craft Your Beer Online: Get it Brewed in Chicago from Brian on Vimeo.


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