2 New IPA’s for Green Flash Year Round Lineup

Green Flash Brewing, known for their extreme hop approached IPA’s, is released two new year-round IPA’s to their line up. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “How many IPA’s can you make?” The answer is never enough. The new releases are in the style of popular new IPAs: soul and session. I lied about the first one, “soul” is not a beer style but it should be! Sour Style IPA “refers to the grace of the rarely seen, soul style surfer who leans way back on the board, making each difficult maneuver appear effortless” Though with using Citra, Simcoe and Cascade hops, I’m not sure what this IPA will offer from other’s out there.

Jibe Session IPA is a real style. Session means lower ABV with all of the bitter, citrus taste of a normal IPA. “Green Flash set out to produce the lowest ABV possible and still achieve bold, complex IPA flavor and body.” At 4% ABV, I think it is the most sessionable IPA out there.


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