From Home Brew to a Top 5 Craft Brewer.

By now you’ve heard of Lagunitas Brewing, if you drink craft beer. If you’re a home brewer, then you have definitely heard of them. If there’s one dream every home brewer has these days, it’s opening a brewery. Just over 20 years ago, Tony Magee decided to found a brewery. Since 1993,  Lagunitas Brewing Co. has grown from a shoestring, one-man operation based in Petaluma, Calif., to the fifth largest and fastest growing craft brewer in the United States with a newly opened second brewery in Chicago. Magee has written a  memoir, So You Want to Start a Brewery? The Lagunitas Story, which is his no-bones-about-it account of his gut-wrenching challenges and unexpected successes as founder and CEO. This behind-the-scenes Lagunitas roller coaster ride, equal parts memoir, narrative and business story is Magee’s honest and hilarious account of his journey that starts with a home brew kit and culminates with the success of one of America’s most popular craft beer brands. Check out the book if you think you’re wanting to start your own brewery.


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