Founders Expanding Brewery

Founders Brewing (know for their notorious Kentucky Breakfast Stout aged in bourbon barrels) has announced further plans for their expansion at its current site. Founders will be adding 37,000 square feet of new space for equipment like their new 300 barrel (bbl) brewing system, fermentation tanks. The next 20,000 square feet will include more fermentation space and packaging systems.

“The focus of this expansion is to increase the capacity of our production facility—to brew more beer right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan,” said Mike Stevens, our co-founder and CEO. “Because of increasing demand from the growing beer enthusiast community, we aren’t able to fill orders right now. We’re expanding because we’re committed to this city, this state and the craft beer community.”

All I can say is I hope they are able to produce more of their popular beers and of course, more KBS. Because having KBS released once a year just isn’t that fun anymore.


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