GABF Gold Medal Winners

GABF has a competition every year to award the best beers in BJCP categories from blind tastings. The top gold winners were:

  • AC Golden’s Colorado Native Amber Lager in American-Style Amber Lager category
  • Cannonball Creek Brewing Co.’s Black IPA in American-Style Black Ale category
  • Telluride Brewing Co.’s Face Down Brown in American-Style Brown Ale category
  • Wit’s End Brewing Co.’s Jean-Claude Van Blond in Belgian-Style Blonde Ale or Pale Ale category
  • Funkwerks’ Raspberry Provincial in Belgian-Style Fruit Beer category
  • CB & Potts Restaurant & Brewery – Highlands Ranch’s The Weasel in Dortmunder or German-Style Oktoberfest category
  • Ska Brewing’s True Blonde Ale in English-Style Summer Ale category
  • FATE Brewing’s Laimas Kolsch in German-Style Kölsch category
  • Crow Hop Brewing’s Rado’s Red Ale in Irish-Style Red Ale category
  • Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant’s Golden Export in Munich-Style Helles category

There’s many more medals in the bronze and silver for Colorado, that I’m not going to bother! So many good craft beers from one state. Check out the rest of the winners here.


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