Small Craft Brewers Breathe Easy

Back in March, a new rule was proposed to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). “The rule, known as the—take a deep breath—Current Good Manufacturing Practice and Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Food for Animals, would require that breweries essentially become certified animal feed production facilities.” As some may not know, many local craft breweries donate their spent grain to farmers, usually for free. This act would crush most small breweries with costs to just get rid of the spent grain. Like anyone looking out for the little guy, there was a loud uproar against this new rule.

From the FDA:

“Human food processors already complying with FDA human food safety requirements, such as brewers, would not need to implement additional preventive controls or Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations when supplying a by-product (e.g., wet spent grains, fruit or vegetable peels, liquid whey) for animal food, except for proposed CGMPs to prevent physical and chemical contamination when holding and distributing the by-product (e.g., ensuring the by-product isn’t co-mingled with garbage). However, further processing a by-product for use as animal food (e.g., drying, pelleting, heat treatment) would require compliance with the preventive controls for animal food rule.”

Breathe easy now, small craft brewers, things are still brewing away.

Read all of the FDA’s revisions here.


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