The Grass is Green on Both Sides

If you dive deep enough into the craft beer world, you’ll find dark forums with hive mind biases on specific breweries or even styles of beer. You’ll also find one called “ISO:FT” meaning “in search of: for trade”. If that still isn’t clear, it means people are searching for specific craft beers that are not available in their distribution area and what they are willing to trade for them. Recently a whole website was created in dedication called Bottle Trade.

There is an entire world of online beer trading. On Bottle Trade, you can post beer you have and whether if it’s available for trade. Certain beer goes for more or less depending on it’s status among the community. The point I’d like to bring up is that human beings can never get enough. They can be surround by some of the most highly acclaimed beer in the world and will still do anything they can to get one single beer from a mountain town in Vermont. While all this hard work goes into award winning local beer, people will turn the other way and try to find the exact same thing that’s in their backyard.

I hope that they craft beer community will still get excited for new local breweries and support decade old breweries in their towns. Because great beer comes from great communities.


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