Possible Canned Craft Beer Revolution Ahead

The first canned craft beer came from Oskar Blues with Dale’s Pale Ale, soon after various craft breweries popped up committing to distributing their beer in cans. Since 2002 canned craft beer has come a long ways. Sly Fox Beer recently introduced their 360 IPA earlier this year with a fully removable lid on the can for increased aroma. Smell is 90% of what you taste (perhaps thats why macro beer usually comes in cans…) and with the fully open can you can experience your beer to the fullest. According to Craft Brewing Business there are an approaching 3 advances in cans that may be adopted by craft breweries.

The first is intuitive opening. Crown is developing a  “Global Vent — a dual aperture end that facilitates a smoother pour directly from the can. This new end features two holes, rather than the single hole featured on standard ends — a design that improves airflow and allows consumers to enjoy their drinks with less foam.” Foam is the enemy when it comes to delicious craft beer. This could be interesting of an effect for craft beer, but reading isn’t believing.

Next is enhancing the beverage. The 360 is the enhancer. Sly Fox Beer has incorporated this into two of it’s beers. The best part of this is decreasing waste. Some people buy canned beer and pour it into a plastic cup (why?) or a glass. With the 360 can, all the taste and aroma is right there waiting for you.

Finally, increasing convince is the last advancement. Apparently “convenience packaging has long been needed to match the on-the-go demands of  our increasingly busy lifestyles.” I don’t see how much more inconvenient bottled beer creates, but whatever. A resealable cap though??? Mind blowing, but is it worth it? Once a beer is poured or opened the carbonation is going to leave it. Until I see it and test it, I can’t believe it.


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